Nurture School Award

We did it again! We are so proud to have been awarded our reaccreditation as a national nurturing school in June 2023. Please see our report below and a video talking about our school.

Quotes from the assessment day June 2023:

“The Nurture Principles become who you are as a leader.” (Head Teacher voice)

“Our staff come with solutions, it’s our culture and ethos.” (staff voice)

“There is always someone to talk to, someone will always make time for you,
and everyone looks after each other.” (staff voice)

“In this workplace, people are really aware of how everyone is doing.” (staff voice)

“There’s lots of work being done but there is still more to be done.” (staff voice)

“We just keep trying, striving to be better.” (staff voice)

 “It’s like going to work with a family.” (staff voice)

“Relationships with staff, families, and children are special.” (staff voice)

“It’s an environment where you won’t be judged, you are supported so that you
can support the children better.” (staff voice)

“Being the calm in the storm.” (staff voice)

“They are the best people on the planet.” (parent voice)

“Communication is amazing, I feel I can text Caroline and she’ll be there for me, it
feels like home.” (parent voice)

“I couldn’t ask for a better school.” (parent voice) 

What this means for your child:

  • We meet with children to support and challenge unhelpful and negative beliefs about themselves and build resilience.
  • The development of social and emotional skills is at the heart of our curriculum.
  • We use positive reinforcement and nurturing opportunities to recognize and manage their emotions.
  • We act on the pupil's voice through questionnaires, class assemblies, circle time, and school council meetings.
  • Transitions are carefully planned and supported.
  • Children feel safe at Bridgelea and are supported to develop their emotional literacy
  • We understand that children learn and develop at different ages and stages and this is reflected in our curriculum and approaches.

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Some of the things happening at Bridgelea:

  • Gold Rights Respecting School; we empower children to know and realise their rights and the rights of others
  • Using Emotion Coaching to help children make sense of their big emotions
  • Reinforcement of all positive behaviours
  • SRE curriculum that focuses on qualities that underpin emotional wellbeing
  • Use of the Emotional Scale (moving to Zones of Regulation 2023/24) to support children to understand emotional vocabulary
  • Use of Elklan strategies to ensure we are continually communication-friendly for all our children and families

Ways you can work with us to support your child:

  • Attend your child’s review and share your ideas
  • Ensure that we have up-to-date contact information so we can communicate with you about your child. Join Class Dojo and School Spider.
  • Join us for school events such as the talent show and assemblies as our children tell us that they feel proud and happy when their parents are in school.
  • Encourage your child to tell you about their learning and what they enjoy at school
  • Talk with your child about their feelings

We Nurture Parents:

  • We make visitors feel safe in our school.
  • We work with parents/ carers and other agencies to support the family around the child.
  • We will keep you updated regularly about your child’s progress and development in school.

We Nurture Staff:

  • We have a developing wellbeing offer including a wellbeing team, a supervision offer, and access to the school's advisory service.
  • Staff are able to access relevant and current training and professional development linked to nurture.
  • Staff feel respected, valued, and supported.
  • We 

We Nurture Other Manchester Schools:

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