Nurture School Award

What this means for your child:

  • We meet with children to support and challenge unhelpful and negative beliefs about themselves and build resilience.
  • The development of social and emotional skills is at the heart of our curriculum.
  • We use positive reinforcement and nurturing opportunities to recognize and manage their emotions.
  • We act on the pupil's voice through questionnaires, class assemblies, circle time, and school council meetings.
  • Transitions are carefully planned and supported.
  • Children feel safe at Bridgelea and are supported to develop their emotional literacy
  • We understand the children learn and develop at different ages and stages and this is reflected in our curriculum and approaches.

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Some of the things happening at Bridgelea:

  • Gold Rights Respecting School; we empower children to know and realise their rights and the rights of others
  • Using Emotion Coaching to help children make sense of their big emotions
  • Reinforcement of all positive behaviours
  • SRE curriculum that focuses on qualities that underpin emotional wellbeing
  • Use of the Emotional Scale to support children to understand emotional vocabulary
  • Use of Elklan strategies to ensure we are continually communication friendly for all our children and families

Ways you can work with us to support your child:

  • Attend your child’s review and share your ideas
  • Ensure that we have up-to-date contact information so we can communicate with you about your child. Join Class Dojo and School Spider.
  • Join us for school events such as the talent show and assemblies as our children tell us that they feel proud and happy when their parents are in school.
  • Encourage your child to tell you about their learning and what they enjoy at school
  • Talk with your child about their feelings

We Nurture Parents:

  • We make visitors feel safe in our school.
  • We work with parents/ carers and other agencies to support the family around the child.
  • We will keep you updated regularly about your child’s progress and development in school.

We Nurture Staff:

  • We have a developing wellbeing offer including a wellbeing team, a supervision offer, and access to the school's advisory service.
  • Staff are able to access relevant and current training and professional development linked to nurture.
  • Staff feel respected, valued, and supported.
  • We 

We Nurture Other Manchester Schools:

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