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The One Education Music team provides high-quality music lessons, on a wide range of instruments and in singing for all age ranges and abilities. They offer SEN Inclusive music-making lessons, available for ages 5-11 years, offering a safe and fun learning environment for all.

Weekly Music Lessons-Our weekly music lessons cover a broad range of instrumental tuition and support. Below are the instruments supported through this programme:

  • Brass: trumpet, cornet, trombone, euphonium, horn and tuba
  • Guitar: electric, acoustic, bass, and ukulele options for larger groups
  • Keyboard and Piano
  • Percussion: African drums, samba, bodhran, congos and world percussion
  • World music: mbria, steelband, Russian music, Irish music
  • Strings: violin, viola, cello, and double bass
  • Woodwind: flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, recorder and tin whistle
  • Vocal: rock, pop, gospel, classical (lessons, choirs and assemblies)

Our music teacher for the Autumn Term is called Morris. Morris is teaching the children how to play steel drums during Autumn 2023.

Educational Psychology

Our commissioned EPs use their knowledge of child development, psychological theory and research, and a breadth of experience to enhance the learning and emotional well-being of children and young people.

They ensure children are at the centre of what they do by collaborating with parents and carers and a range of professionals, as well as working directly with children and young people. They are passionate about applying high-quality psychology to make a positive difference. They offer a child-centred service that is evidence-based and quality-assured.

All our educational psychologists are Health Professions Council registered and help education professionals find creative solutions in the most difficult situations.

Our educational psychologists have the breadth of experience to offer a high-quality generic service, as well as the expertise to provide highly specialist assessments, interventions and training. We also use our extensive research skills to support small-scale investigatory or developmental research projects within settings to affect practice and make an impact.

Speech and Language Therapy

We know that there is a strong link between behaviour and speech, language, and communication.  Because of this, at Bridgelea we access 2 days of Speech and Language Therapy from the NHS.  As a school, we have achieved ELKLAN a Communication Friendly School Award, which means our staff have received specialist training, and some are accredited with ELKLAN (www.elklan.co.uk).

When children are new to the school they take part in a language screen with the Speech and Language Therapist. We look at skills in understanding, vocabulary knowledge and use, sequencing, story-telling, and speech sounds.  We then decide whether to continue with a fuller assessment or offer advice to the staff working with the child. This ensures that we have accurate information about all our children, and act accordingly in the classroom. So far we are pleased to see improvement in our speaking and listening results.

Our Speech and Language Therapists are called Karen Bailey and Sarah Freier

When our children leave Bridgelea, we offer consultation to receiving schools to ensure a thorough transition.

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