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Fir Class

Hello and welcome to our class page for Fir!

In Fir class the teacher is Mr.Carroll alongside the teaching assistants who are Fahad (TA3) and Nicole (TA2).





Special Breakfast is a fantastic celebration for the week where we have a great range of healthy and tasty food which occurs each Friday morning. We also celebrate our pupil’s achievements throughout the week and our certificates to our Rights Respecting Superstars and prizes can be won from a raffle. We further have nurture time on a Friday afternoon, where the pupils have the independence to select an activity of their choice from a variety of options such as football, arts & crafts, dodgeball, sensory activities and cricket etc. As the school year progresses and we reach the final term of the school year, we are looking forward to…





This term Fir class will be delving into the book The BFG. The big friendly giant is full of outrageous humour and plenty of jokes about bodily functions that children will love, this warm-hearted story is one of Roald Dahl’s many much loved tales.




Fir Class for Maths will be discovering time, fractions, numbers, weight. By discovering how to count up in 5s which indicates the minutes and learning the difference on a 24hr clock. While also introducing roman numerals. Fractions will consist of what makes up a fraction and how this can be used in everyday situations such as measurements like money, weight and length.






The topic for science this term is sound! The children will learn the components of the ear and how humans hear sound through vibrations, with fun experiments for the children to engage with!






The big question for geography this term is… Where does food come from? This topic for geography, helps introduce the children to scientific processes of making and creating food but also raises environmental food awareness. This will help the children understand the food they eat and how it gets to them.






For ICT this term, the children will be learning the importance of internet safety. Recognising the importance of sensible passwords, and the importance of sharing passwords with a responsible adult. Further discussing the importance of not sharing personal details, such as your real name, address or the school you go to, with anyone you meet online.






Fir class for religious education, will be delving into ethnicity. Looking into the different ethnicities such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and also looking into Non-religious beliefs.






For the topic of PSHE the children will be focusing on transitions for this term. As some children will be transitioning to different schools or different classes. Which will prepare them by class activities related to transition and coping strategies for change!






The topic for physical education this term, is athletics and cricket. Which will help introduce the children to various sports such as, javelin and shotput.






As for Art this term, Fir class will be learning the method of sculpture. Sculpting involves the creation of artistic objects in three dimensions. The class will be using old boxes and cartons to sculpt a design. Then utilising the shape using papier-mâché, which will allow the children to incorporate different sizes, textures, light and shades.





Fir class will also have the opportunity to participate in music lessons with Jo! Who is a fantastic music teacher, who will bring various music instruments into school for the children to experiment with and enjoy. Which will take place on Fridays!








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Also, to view any of the wonderful work that we have done in Class Fir, please refer to your child’s Class Dojo Class story and portfolio where you will find news, pictures and information about what they have achieved.




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