CYCLE: Cycling is a great way to travel. It is sustainable, practical and enjoyable. In addition, it has proven health and wellbeing benefits. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t ridden in ages. Just try getting on a bike and pedal and you will pick it up in no time! TfGM offer a range of training courses to support people who want to try cycling including: 



If you want a little more support, TfGM has some great training sessions available for those who live and work within Greater Manchester, particularly the one to one sessions. TfGM’s website also has lots of information such as electronic maps, journey planners and plenty of great ideas and relevant contacts for all of your cycling needs.

RAIL: Flexible Tickets: National Rail have launched some new flexible ticketing options along with their season tickets. The National Rail website lets you calculate savings and find the best ticket options based on how often you travel. 

Annual Tickets: You can get annual train tickets using these schemes


BUS: There are three free bus routes operating within the city centre. For the routes and frequency of service, see the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) website. If you travel less frequently, you can buy a fixed number of day tickets which can be used over a set period i.e. 4 weeks or 3 months etc. These can be cheaper than buying daily tickets. See your travel provider's website for information about tickets:

If you travel with different bus operators or you need a combination of bus, train or tram, there is a range of tickets on System One travel cards, which allow combined travel throughout Greater Manchester.


METROLINK: Metrolink’s Clipper ticket is for those travelling less frequently where you can buy a fixed number of day tickets to used over a set period. You can also save time and money with a Metrolink annual travelcard and travel any day, any time. This ticket gives you unlimited travel throughout your chosen Metrolink zones.Visit the Metrolink website to work out which zones you need.  if you're under 16 (or aged 16 with an igo card) or have a TfGM-issued disabled concessionary pass, you can buy a half-price ticket. Find out more about concessionary passes and tickets.

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