MAPLE 2023 - 2024

Miss Miah



Welcome to Maple Class! The class teacher is Miss Miah and the teaching assistants are Olivia, Ella and Amber.

In our class:

  • We are committed to encouraging and putting in place reading schedules every Monday to Friday. We have a great range of books for all our pupils and are always available when they want to access and read them. Our school books are also available to borrow upon request and confirmed by the class teacher. We hope this will encourage and increase further reading knowledge for all our children.
  • Special Breakfast is every Friday morning where we have a great range of tasty and healthy breakfast foods. We also celebrate our pupils' achievements throughout the week and our rights-respecting stars with certificates.
  • Please log in to class dojo everyday to see what your child has been up to in school. Key messages and updates are also sent on class dojo. Here is the link:

Our Learning Spring 1 2024


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In the first three weeks, we will be reading 'We are Water Protectors' by Carol Windstrom. Children will have many opportunities to write. This includes chronological reports, non-chronological reports, poems and character descriptions, protest signs and environmental campaigns.

The next three weeks, we will read 'The Last Garden' by Rachel Ip and Anneli Bray. Children will have many opportunities to write. This includes setting descriptions, advertisements, retells, instructional flyers, online responses, dialogues and narratives.


As mathematicians, we will focus on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Try to log your child on TT Rockstars and My Maths at home.


As scientists, we are focussing on Light and Shadows.

Our big question is 'How are shadows formed?'


As historians, we will be learning about 'The Romans'.

Our big question is 'How did the Romans spread across Europe?'


As artists, we will be focussing on painting.


As designers, will be designing and constructing pneumatic toys.  


As technology users, we will look at spreadsheets and touch typing.


As global citizens, the theme for this term is 'Keeping Safe'.


As global citizens, this half term, our key question is: Why do people pray?


As dancers, we will be doing Roman dance every Wednesday afternoon.


As musicians, we will focussing on Samba (Fanfarra-Cabua-Le-Le).

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