HAZEL 2023 - 2024

Mrs Dancza

Hello and welcome to Class Hazel! laugh



Mrs Dancza is the Class Teacher in Hazel, along with Ellen, Lesley and Daniel, who are the Teaching Assistants.

Special Breakfast happens each week on a Friday where we give our certificates to our Rights Respecting Superstars and find out which Duty bearers have earned an extra special mention too.

Please try to read with your child regularly, either online using Active Learn or using a reading book if you have requested one to be sent home. 

Home Learning:

Pupils have been given their login details to access our school learning apps at home. Please contact your class team if you need the login details to be re-sent.

Active Learn – https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

My Maths – https://www.mymaths.co.uk

Purple Mash – https://www.purplemash.com/sch/bridgeleapupilre

TTRS – https://play.ttrockstars.com/

To view any of the wonderful work that we have done in Class Hazel, please refer to your child’s Class Dojo Class Story and Portfolio where you will find news, pictures and information about what they have achieved and how we have celebrated their achievements.



 In Autumn 2, we will be studying:

                    adas v.jpg                    space.jpg                               kapok.jpg 



ENGLISH: We will be doing 2 weeks of narrative work using the book Ada's Violin by Susan Wood, 2 weeks of Informing about our Solar system and 2 weeks of Persuasion using the text The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. Here are some links to the books if you want to read them at home.


In all our written work, we will also be using Colourful Semantics to help us improve our sentence structure.Colourful sentence strip.PNG


MATHS: We will be starting the half term by looking at multiplication, division and then fractions.  Make sure you go on TT Rockstars and My Maths at home to do extra practice to help you.


SCIENCE: We will be studying the Earth, sun and planets in the solar system.  We will be looking at how the Earth and moon move and be able to explain day and night.


GEOGRAPHY: We will be focusing our learning on South America, learning the names of the countries as well as using a thinking frame to help compare and contrast countries in the Southern Hemisphere to the UK by looking closely at some human and physical features.


ART: We will be working with Jo our school artist and working on creating textiles.


DT: We will be making greetings cards that light up. We will design them using our scientific knowledge of electricity to draw accurate circuit diagrams and then make and evaluate what we make.


COMPUTING: For the full Autumn term, we are going to be studying coding. We will develop our coding skills and then design our own coding programme to share with others to show what we have learned.


RSE: The theme for this half term is Aspirations, dreams and goals. In Rowan, we will be finding out about how to manage money and start to think about what jobs we might want to be when we are older.


PE: We are doing Gymnastics this half term trying to learn how to use our bodies to make bridges, improve our balancing and travel in different ways. 


RE: This half term, our discussions will be around What would Jesus do and if we can live by the values of Jesus in the twenty-first century?




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