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Miss Allen

Hello and welcome to our class page for: 

Ash Class

Shoshana Lapidus is the Class Teacher in Ash, along with Havana Allen and Olivia Youdell who are the Teaching Assistants.

Special Breakfast happens each week on a Friday where we give our certificates to our Rights Respecting Superstars and find out which Duty bearers have earned an extra special mention too.

Please try and read with your child regularly either online using Active Learn or using a reading book if you have requested one to be sent home.  


Pupils have been given their login details to access our school learning apps at home. Please contact your class team if you need the log in details to be re-sent.

To view any of the wonderful work that we have done in Ash Class, please refer to your child’s Class Dojo Class Story and Portfolio where you will find news, pictures and information about what they have achieved and how we have celebrated their achievements.

In Spring 1, we will be studying:                                                                                                     

  • ENGLISH: We will be looking at instructions in writing. We will also be reading “ The Tiny Seed “ by Eric Hall to link with our science learning, as well as following instructions from recipe books to make some wonderful creations.                                                                                

In all our written work, we will also be using Colourful Semantics to help us improve our sentence structure. We will also continue to have daily Phonics and Reading sessions.

  • MATHS: We will be starting the half term by looking at number and place value.  We will also focus our learning around Measure during the whole of the Spring Term. Make sure you go on Numbots and My Maths at home to do extra practice to help you.
  • SCIENCE: We will be studying plants. We will learn to name and label parts of plants and recall how plants grow.
  • GEOGRAPHY: - We will be learning about Australia
  • ART: Our focus for the whole term in Art will be Print, where we will learn techniques and methods to produce our own Print art work.
  • DT: Our DT learning will centre on the topic of Food. We will learn about healthy foods and follow the instructions from recipes to make some delicious food creations.
  • COMPUTING: For the full Spring term, we are going to be studying Data and Multimedia
  • PE: We are doing Dance this half term, learning how to use our bodies to express ourselves to musical accompany. We will try and use our Gymnastic skills from last term within our dance.
  • RE: This half term, our discussions will be around the Jewish faith. We will also be learning about what makes some places sacred and what we can learn from sacred books.
  • RSE: The theme for this half term is Healthy Me. We will learn about questions such as:- Where does food come from and why do I eat? Why should I be active? What medicines do we see and how can we keep safe? Can I keep myself clean? E.g. teeth, hands, body, hygiene? How can I prevent diseases spreading?
  • MUSIC: As a very musical class we will continue to learn about various instruments and songs that make us feel happy to support of our work in RSE.








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