OAK 2022 - 2023

Mrs Shaw

Welcome to class 9.  Our staff are Mrs Shaw, Rokaya and Sena.

This half term we will be learning the following things:

In science our topic is separating materials, and we will be performing experiments to find the best ways to separate different mixtures, and when mixing causes permanent changes.  If you do any cooking at home, please talk to your child about the changes and whether they are reversible or irreversible.  We will also be going on a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to look at their displays, and to spend time in their Xperiment Gallery.  This should be a lovely morning out on Thursday 13th January.

In Numeracy we will be studying time during the first week, then 2 weeks of place value, addition and subtraction, taking us to the end of term.  Jamie will be teaching Geometry when I am not in class.

In literacy we will be spending 2 weeks on each of the following books

The Iron Man for narrative, … to inform and …. to persuade.

In ICT we will be looking at digital systems and multimedia.  We will be using Purple Mash to help us with this.  If you can access this at home, you could go on and see what they are doing!

For our RE week we will be exploring if it is better to appreciate your religion through art and architecture or charity.  As part of this we will be driving around and taking photos of different religious buildings around the city.

Our PE focus will be dance, and we will have 2 sessions a week of this.  This will mean we will need to take off our shoes and socks to do this.

When our artist comes in, we will be learning about how to make prints, and following this up with some work in class too. We will post some pictures of the work the children do to Class Dojo, so keep your eyes open for that.

During our PSHE sessions we will be looking at ‘Health Me’, focussing on physical and mental health and well-being.  As part of following up our work on ‘Aspirations’ from last half term, we will be visiting ‘Aerozone’ at Manchester Airport where we will explore the different career opportunities there are at the airport.  We will be going on Thursday 20th January.

Lisette will also be coming into class to teach us our Spanish every other week, and we will be doing the work she leaves for us in the other week – this half term the focus is ‘Visiting the Shop in Spain’, so they may be able to help you out the next time you go on holiday!

We will continue with music, artist and city of the week, finding out about new ones each week.

We have forest school this half term every Tuesday, so please bring wellingtons or old trainers that might get dirty, as well as a waterproof coat.  We are all looking forward to the exciting activities that Jonny has told us we will be doing.

Our behaviour reward trips this half term will be to go to Simply Cycling again as everyone enjoyed themselves so much last time.  We have this booked for Monday 14th February. 

Finally we have an exciting trip to the Palace Theatre for the Alice in Wonderland pantomime on Friday 11th February.  We should all hopefully have a wonderful and fun time here – what an experience to go to such a beautiful building too!

So, we have an action packed half term again with lots of learning.  To support your child’s learning, you can log on to Active Learn to read at home, Times-table Rock Stars to practice your tables, and Purple Mash to enjoy some art activities and play some educational games.

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