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Welcome to Bridgelea's home learning page. 

If your child is learning at home the below information will help you and your child with learning. Here are some helpful videos a member of staff has made to help you understand a bit more about the home learning offer. 

Remote Learning Offer overview from January 2023

What is our offer?  

Remote learning:  

An adult from your child’s class will contact you every day via phone to check in with you and your child. 

  • Teachers plan activities that reflect the learning that is happening if your child was attending school. For example if the children are learning multiplication in Maths at school, your child will be taught remotely about multiplication. This ensures your child will access activities that are happening in school. These will include:  

  • Reading skills  

  • Writing skills  

  • Maths skills  

  • PSHE and Topic activities will be sent home.

  • Work will be set using our online platforms by the Class Teacher. Children have log ins for Purple Mash. Times Tables Rock Stars, Myon and My Maths to support their learning online. If you have any problems with logins please email

Key information regarding remote learning offer :  

  • Home learning packs and Free School Meal Vouchers will be delivered.  Please make sure you are in to sign for free school meal vouchers.

  • Staff can phone parents to support you to motivate and engage children in their learning at home.  

  • Class Teachers will use Class Dojo to reward children for completing their work, verbal feedback on a daily basis will be provided.  

  •   Your child will be provided with a paper pack, online resources. 

FAQs for the remote learning offer :  

What is the plan for Bridgelea’s home learning offer?  


  • We have chosen a blended offer of online resources that are used regularly by your child in school, aswell as paper resources.  

  • Class Teachers will be contacting you every day to check in and explain some activities to your children.  

  • The children at Bridgelea enjoy learning in short bursts and can sometimes struggle to concentrate for extended periods of time. 

  • The activities included in the remote learning offer are familiar to your child and this should help them to engage. 

  • Being safe online is extremely important whilst children are at home. We have some activities to complete about E-safety. Please work through these with your children and ensure you are monitoring their access to computers / tablets while they are at home.   


When will the home learning packs be delivered? 

  • Home learning packs will be delivered to your house. You will also receive the log ins as a reminder to help you log in to the online platforms.

  • We will provide online learning activities that your child can access from the start of them working from home. Paper packs will be delivered weekly as part of the welfare check where a member of staff will see you and your child. 

  • If you require more work or support during this time, please contact school on 0161 272 8716 and additional work can be arranged. 


How do I know what level my child is working at?  

  • In your paper packs, you will find a one page sheet that has your child’s name on and their learning levels for maths and english. This will show you what year group they are working within in their learning. Eg maths Y2.  

  • Do not worry if this year group is lower than the year group your child is in as many of our children are not working at their year group levels. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the school and a member of staff will chat to you about your child’s levels.  

  • If your child finds the work too easy or too hard, please phone us and we will arrange different activities to go home.  

  • Verbal feedback will be given daily to your child by your class teacher. Staff will also use Class Dojo to reward, motivate and feedback to children. 


How do I help my child with their learning? 

  • Try to keep to a structure for the day for the children. Set a timetable. Routine Video 

  • Plan for learning in short bursts of around 10-15 minutes.  

  • Complete the planning for the day checklist and build in rewards for completing the different points. 

  • Talk with your child. Time spent on speaking and listening is probably the most important thing you can do as a parent.  

  • We suggest doing maths and english in the mornings and the additional activities like Science / PE / outdoors in the afternoons. 

  • Reading stories with your children is very important during this time, there are plenty of books on youtube, and . Both are free sites you can sign up to help with reading at home. If you prefer real books and need additional story books during these times please let us know and we can support you.   

  • We will be providing you with fantastic books to read with your child. If you need more books or additional reading books please ring school and we can support you with this. 

  • Praise your child for their good efforts. Even if you know they can do better, remember to praise for trying their best as learning at home can be very difficult for young children.  

  • Encourage children to share with their class teacher on Class Dojo – you can take a picture and send it to the teacher. Then they can get extra praise! Teachers can help motivate children to complete their work as well. 

  • Children miss their friends and posting their work on Class Dojo supports them to stay connected. They can share their learning with other children in their class. Staff will also be phoning daily to talk to your child and see if they can support you and your child with their learning.   


How will Bridgelea communicate with my family during self isolation?  

  • It is very important you sign up to Class Dojo & School Spider. You can download both apps to your mobile phone.   

  • Class Dojo will be the main communication for teachers to chat to your child and they can share what they have been learning with other children in their class. 

  • We will be able to email your updates to your email address through School Spider so please ensure you check both regularly. 

  • If you require any help using school Spider or Class Dojo please watch the following videos. 

  • Please do not forget to contact school if you need any support during school hours 8:30 – 4pm. Our office number is 0161 272 8716. Senior leaders can be contacted out of hours on the following email address: and  

  • You can also contact staff via email or message on Class Dojo. This will be checked during the staff working hours. 


E Safety 

  • Some of the work may require access to a digital device such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you need support with accessing online learning, please ring the school and we will try and support you with this. 

  • Please remember to set age-appropriate parental controls on any devices your child uses and supervise their use of websites and apps. See advice on keeping them safe online and talk to your child about online safety

What online resources are available ?  

Reducing Screen Time 

Digital devices are not the only way to learn. We will provide paper packs to support remote learning. 

Manage screen time with a timer and break up screen time by getting your child to: 

  • use books and other printed materials we have provided or that you have at home 

  • write by hand – try asking them to complete work by hand, write a diary, a summary of things they have done each day or ‘to do’ lists 

  • be active and get away from the screen regularly – see these physical activity resources for primary school children 

  • stop using digital devices at least an hour before bed 

Your child will have logins for the following. Work is set that closely matches your child’s learning needs.  

  • Purple Mash (all curriculum areas) 

  • Myon (Reading) 

  • Times Tables Rockstars (Maths - Times Tables)

  • My Maths (Maths)

Children know how to use these platforms and teachers will set work on here as well.  The logins information is in your paper pack.  

There are further online resources that you may choose to play on. These are all free resources :  



  • The Literacy Trust has launched a portal for parents/carers which they are constantly updating. It is split into age groups and has a wealth of wonderful resources, access to books, audio books and videos and lots of simple ideas and activities to engage your child at home. 

  • The Book Trust has top tips and lots of information about books, including a Book Finder tool and advice about which book your child might like based on the books he/she has enjoyed so far. There is a new Home Time section with online books, videos, quizzes, illustrator workshops, competitions and activities. 

  • Audible has made all stories free while schools are closed. There is a range, in six different languages, which can be streamed to a phone, tablet, laptop or computer for children (and you) to listen to. 

  • CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) has lots of free resources, including poems and videos of poets reading their poems. You need to register to access some of their site, but it is free to do so. 

  • Oxford Owl have over 100 free e-books for children aged 3 – 11 years. 

  • Love My Books has lots of ideas to help children and parents/carers enjoy reading together. 

  • Get Epic! offers 30 days free access to lots of non-fiction books which you can read online. Some are also audio books which you and your child can listen to. 

  • The Reading Realm has daily activities based on books which they are providing online. 

  • International Children’s Digital Library has a range of online books in a range of different languages. 

  • BBC Bitesize has plenty of reading activities, and there's lots of stories to listen to on CBeebies

  • The Story Time YouTube channel is growing every day and features teachers and trainee teachers reading books. You might even find your child’s class teacher reading there! 

  • Researchify – Classic children’s books in audio, PDF and Word formats 

  • The World of David Walliams - One free audio book reading is available to listen to every day 

  • Poetry By Heart - A wide selection of poetry covering different topics 



Staying physically and mentally healthy during this time is extremely important. Here are some links to resources to help boost your child's wellbeing: 

Physical Activities 

Art and Music 

Mental Health 

Coronavirus-Specific Resources 

Useful Links 


Please feel free to contact us to discuss the above points or any other questions you may have.  

Thank you 

Bridgelea Senior Leadership Team 

Reading is extremely important at Bridgelea. We will provide you with a book to read with your children and do some activities : 

et online to support learning. They should have their log ins on a sheet that looks like this: 



User name:


User name:




Username : 
Password :

User name:


If you have any problems with the activities or logging on, please speak to your teacher on Class Dojo or during the daily phone calls. Otherwise please email for further help if needed. 

We understand that being at home may be difficult for some children. Please see an example timetable to help you structure your day at home : 


Before 9am get up, dressed, brush teeth and eat your breakfast 

Have a go at an English activity from your pack. This is a Reading activity. 

Do a wellbeing activity for 10 mins (have a look at the pack we have sent home for some ideas) like a game, yoga on Go noodle / colouring or play in your garden. 



Read a book for 10 minutes.

Your teacher will have set log ins on Active Learn to read a banded book. 

Have a go at a Maths activity from your pack.

Have a look on Purple Mash.

Can you make your own lunch? 

Play some games with your family. 

Complete one of the family activities from the pack or the website 


Useful Information

We have provided details below of websites/apps that the children can access at home to support their learning.

Click here to log onto PurpleMash


Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

Click here to log onto TTRockstars

BBC Bitesize popularity & fame | YouGov

Please click here to access BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy

Please click here to access Oak National Academy (online classroom)



Please click here to access ClassDojo



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