Letter from the local authority about return to school.

             Public Health


PO Box 532, Town Hall Manchester M60 2LA


3 March 2021



Dear Parent/ Carer  


I am writing to you to welcome your children back to school from 8th March onwards.  


Thank you to you and to your children for everything you have done during the pandemic, which is why we can now start to come out of lockdown in a safe and steady way.  


The first step is to get the city’s children back into school, which is vital for their learning and for their social development.  


I know some of you may be feeling anxious, but your school will have a whole range of safety measures in place that they will tell you about, and it will be important to follow. Children will also be reminded at all times about hand-washing and staying 2 metres apart.


Also, we have learnt a lot during the pandemic and we have used that experience to understand where and how COVID-19 spreads.

In Manchester there is no evidence that being in school led to a rise in COVID-19 cases. We also know that the risk to children is much smaller than for adults. This risk will become even smaller with wider use of face masks and COVID-19 testing. 


But, perhaps the most helpful thing I can say to you is that if I had school-age children I would be sending them to school next week. This is because of all the advantages from being back in a classroom and with friends once again. 

Finally, thank you again for your support. We can start moving forwards again, and this will be done with safety in mind and reviews at key points.

Please pass on my good wishes to your children for next week as we start to get the city up and running again. 


Yours sincerely


David Regan

Director of Public Health for Manchester

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