All Manchester Swimming Teachers are professionally qualified and are trained National Pool Lifeguards. Standards are high due to continued professional development in all aspects of aquatic disciplines. The Safety of your child is of paramount importance.

Clothing requirements for School Swimming are as follows:-


  • One-piece swimming costume – no bikinis*
  • A swimming hat is required to be worn if the hair covers the eyes or airways
  • A towel

* Please note that in order for your child to benefit from the swimming lessons appropriate aquatic clothing must be worn. Should your children wish to wear items of clothing that cover up parts of the body, there are specific aquatic clothing designed for this purpose. Cotton leggings are detrimental to teaching and are a risk to health and safety. If you need anymore information then please do not hesitate to contact the number above.


  • A pair of traditional swimming trunks
  • A swimming hat is required to be worn if the hair covers the eyes or airways
  • A towel

No Bermuda or long shorts are allowed, as these can be dangerous, – for reasons of safety the swimwear should be sufficiently tight fitting to allow the freedom of body and limb movement without causing unsafe water resistance. In terms of the legislation that governs this we are guided by AfPE (Association for Physical Education) Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport 2012 and the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association)

It remains the policy of the School Swimming Programme that jewellery of any description should not be worn in the School Swimming lesson. It is important that earrings in particular are removed. If you wish for your child to have pierced ears please ensure that they are able to be removed from September 2018.

Goggles are only permitted for medical reasons. Parents must produce a letter from either a Doctor or Optician to state that your child has a medical condition and is required to wear goggles in the school swimming lesson. Once again this policy is in place for safety reasons and AfPE Safe Practice 2012 is the legislation that governs this.

The School Teacher and Swimming Teacher must be informed of any medical conditions that might affect your child during their Swimming lesson (It is imperative that any medication required on poolside should be clearly labelled and brought to the lesson).

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