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  • The Governing Body at Bridgelea and its committees meet once a term.
  • Governors serve a four year term of office and may seek to be re-appointed.
  • Parents have the opportunity to stand for election as a parent governor and so become involved in the running of the school.
  • The Governing Body is also made up of a representative from the Local Authority, Staff Members and other Co-opted members from the wider community and businesses.
  • The Governors have a general responsibility for determining the policy and effective management of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and by the policies of the Local Authority. However, the Headteacher controls the day-to-day running of the school.
  • Ultimately, the governors answer to the parents and the Department of Education for the running of the school.
  • The Governing Body is part of the school partnership ethos at City of Manchester Learning Partnership (COMLP) which works voluntarily for the good of the school with the interests of the pupils as paramount.

Statutory Information

Governing bodies are required to publish on their website information about their members. Information is included on this page for all our members:-

  • Full name 
  • Term of office 
  • Date of appointment 
  • Date they stepped down (where applicable) 
  • Who appointed them 
  • Register of business and financial interests 
  • Governance roles in other educational institutions 
  • Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or between governors and school staff 
  • Attendance record at governing board and committee meetings over the last academic year Associate members only: details of their voting rights on committees

City of Manchester Learning Partnership Full Management Committee


Bridgelea Primary School

Local Committee

Manchester Secondary Pru (MSPRU)

Local Committee

Chair of COMLP Management Committee 

Vicky Rosin


Executive Headteacher

Andrew Burton

* Interim arrangements


Gary Buttriss-Holt

Mike Cooke (Local Committee Chair)

Kelly Eyre

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Irene Kapetanaki

Keeley Hallworth

Julie Heslop

Vacancy (Staff MSPRU)

Vicky Rosin (Local Committee Chair)

Andrew Burton

Sarah Cooke

Michelle Rigg

Bernard Stone

Steven Worthington

Helen Shaw


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