Elklan Language Friendly School


Bridgelea is an accredited Communication Friendly Setting – acknowledged by the award received through ELKLAN.  This means that understanding the speech, language and communication needs of all our children is at the fore front of the offer we provide for our children.  It means that the classroom environment is tailored to their needs.  And it also means that our staff are skilled at altering their own communication with each child.

Elklan Communication Friendly Setting (CFSc) accreditation is awarded to settings that have trained and support all their staff in communication and language development. They will also have shown evidence of embedding this knowledge in targeted interventions and through the implementation of a Communication Policy.


Staff Feedback

  • 10 second processing time and rewording sentences (simplifying sentences) so the children can understand and respond.
  • Breaking down and simplfying questions so the children are not overwhelmed. Giving children the time to process and answer questions.
  • Breaking down questions and waiting 10 seconds for processing time to avoid information overload has worked fantastically.
  • Having a whiteboard and pen at hand to visualise things eg instructions, vocabulary for our children.




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