OAK (HS) 2020 - 2021

Mrs Shaw



Oak Class.

Our class has 3 members of staff – Mrs Shaw, Reece and Sian.

In maths this term we have been measuring angles, learning the column method for addition and subtraction, learning our times tables, finding out about decimals, and even working with negative numbers! We are going to build on this next half term by learning the formal methods for multiplication and division, and looking at the relationship between decimals, percentages and fractions.  We will also be doing more problem solving and investigations too.  We have been doing angles in shape and space, and enjoyed going outside to measure angles.


This term our vehicle has been Around the World in Eighty Days, and we really have been!  This has been our book as we have focussed on writing to entertain, looking at speech, the use of paragraphs and chapters and writing for inference.


To begin with we looked at the structure of the world, how it used to be called Pangea, and how that has changed over billions of years as the tectonic plates moved to be in the positions they are in now.  We then looked at a globe and how it is segmented, labelling it and looking at google maps and google earth.  We found rivers and mountains, seas, continents and oceans, and learned about the different time zones around the world.



Our first port of call on our journey was Italy, where we learned about Pompeii and how it was consumed in a volcanic eruption.  Of course, we then learned all about how volcanoes work, and even made one ourselves!  We also looked at famous Italian artists Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo, and painted in their styles.




After that went across the Mediterranean to Egypt where we learned about rivers and how they are formed, and the importance of the River Nile in to Egyptian life.  We looked at the water cycle, and then went on a trip to Chorlton Ees to see a tributary and the River Mersey.  We measured the speed of each of them by timing how long it took for an orange to travel 100m.  The river was running much faster than the tributary.


We are also finding out about animas and how they have adapted to different environments, finding out about deserts and how they are a biome as well as how camels have adapted to life there.


Moving on through the Suez Canal, we found out about why it was built, by whom, and the importance it had on world trade. As a result of this, we went on a trip to media City in Salford to have a walk around and look at the Bridgewater canal.  We compared the differences to a river, and found out that the canal was linked to the Manchester ship canal and that huge ships used to bring cotton and other goods from across the world right into the heart of the city, and to some of the piers we were standing on! 


As part of this, we have also looked at the important and often controversial role Britain has had across the world, and we will continue to do this as we ‘visit’ British colonies as we continue our journey next half term.


In spring 1 half term we will continue to look at animal adaptation and evolution and inheritance in science, as well as forces and how things move.

We are looking forward to a detailed study of a developing country, comparing the geography and life in India to our own here in the UK.

In literacy we will be looking at writing to inform, so instruction and information texts will be used.

We will not be swimming this half term, but please continue to send your children in in suitable clothing for cold wet days as we all really enjoy our outdoor time, and love to go out whatever the weather!


Every Friday we have Special Breakfast where we give our certificates to our Rights Respecting Superstars and find out which Duty bearers have earned an extra special mention too.

We have a whole school focus on reading this year, so we are encouraging parents to read with their child as often as possible.  If you would like extra books sending home, then please just let us know!

Home Learning:
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