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Governing Body




Member type

‘End of Term of Office’ date * Appointed By DBS Checked Pecuniary Interests
Phil Hoyland Staff (HT) NA Yes Staff (HT)
Helen Shaw Staff 16.07.19 Staff Yes Staff (CT)
Karen Hyland Staff 24.04.23 Staff Yes Staff (CT)
Mehmet Agdiran Community 24.01.22  Governing Body Yes Educational Psychologist (One Education)
Ed Hygarth Parent 30.09.20 Governing Body Yes Project Manager Troubled Families
Mike Cooke Community 24.01.22 Governing Body Yes Head @ Plymouth Grove
Hannah Fitzpatrick Community 24.04.23 Governing Body Yes CT @ Plymouth Grove
Steven Worthington Community 24.04.23 Governing Body Yes DHT at Dean Trust
Irene Kaptanaki Community 24.04.23 Governing Body Yes


Ed Haygarth
Vice Chairperson
Mike Cooke
Resources & Finance Curriculum & Performance Pay
Phil Hoyland

Ed Haygarth

Mike Cooke

Helen Shaw

Irene Kaptanaki

Phil Hoyland

Ed Haygarth (Chair)

Steven Worthington

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Karen Hyland

Ed Haygarth

Mehmet Agdiran


Safeguarding/Prevent SEND/Equality & Diversity
Mike Cooke Ed Haygarth Mehmet Agdiran
 Pupil Premium Data protection Nurture
Mehmet Agdiran Ed Haygarth Irene

Attendance record 2017-18

Attendance Govs 2015-2016

Attendance Record 2016 & 2017