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Teaching and learning in Maths is delivered through the Numicon approach. This is a fantastic approach to enable our learners to develop and embed basic skills in Maths. Numicon  is a kinaesthetic, multisensory approach to learning that links to problem solving where children master Maths. The “concrete, pictorial and abstract” element of Numicon is clear from Year 1 to Year 6 and supports our children to understand tricky concepts and challenges. As our children have many barriers to learning, Numicon supports them to build confidence using apparatus but also provides challenge. Numerous short tasks throughout a session helps children with SEMH difficulties to stay on task, keep them engaged, and supports children to catch up in their Maths achievement. Last year our Maths progress and engagement was good and we are proud of how well our children do in Maths.


Useful Documents

Numicon Year 1 LTP

Numicon Year 2 LTP

Numicon Year 3 LTP

Numicon Year 4 LTP

Numicon Year 5 LTP

Numicon Year 6 LTP